Press Kit

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Book Tracker

Book Tracker – Bookshelf log is a privacy focus app for iOS, iPadOS and macOS that allows you to catalog your library and manage a wish list of the books you want to buy. For each book you can keep track of your reading progress, save your favorite quotes and manage their physical location by specifying the location, library and shelf. 

It’s easy to keep your library organized thanks to the ability to use tags and series. You can set annual reading challenge and have a look at the stats and trend to stay motivated and reach your reading goal. 

Technologies used:

  • iCloud to sync the library across all the devices
  • OCR for import quotes from books using VisionKit
  • Lock Screen and Home Screen Widgets to have reading progress and statistics at your fingertips
  • Support to advanced Shortcuts
  • Shared with You to share link with friends with iMessage and see them in the app

Meet Book Tracker 3

Version 3 brings the support to the new iOS 16 and a lot of interesting features to integrate the app with the new iOS features, such as new Lock Screen Widgets, Shared with You, Reading Challenges, revamped statistics and a lot more.

Many new features will be introduced in this version of the app:

  • Shared with You to see within the app the list of books shared with you by your friends
  • Lock Screen Widgets to have reading statistics, book progress and pages read per day
  • New Shortcuts and improved integration with Siri with AppIntents
  • Added the possibility to set annual Reading Challenges
  • Added new Statistics for reading challenges
  • Added new Widgets related to Reading Challenge
  • Improvements to existing Widgets layout
  • Improvements to existing Statistics charts using Swift Charts
  • Added support to Universal Link and the possibility to share a link of the book
  • Improved barcode scan flow with the possibility to scan multiple bar codes
  • OCR now supports multiple page scanningPrices and availability